The MBA Application Process is Extremely Competitive

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Set you up for success by pairing applicants with current top MBA students who have previously navigated the admissions process

You’re investing significant time and money into your applications…

Make sure you submit your best work. 

Thousands of hopeful students apply to top MBA programs each year for a handful of spots.


The ROI from these elite programs is worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

Sure, a top 20 MBA can cost over $200k.

In exchange, a top program can provide:

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Resume Review

Improving your resume is one of the simplest ways to increase your chance of success. Your resume is often the FIRST THING an Adcom looks at in your file.

If you’re resume sucks… guess what?
The rest of your application is fighting an uphill battle to convince the reviewer that you don’t.

Get your resume reviewed by current MBA students at the top programs because they:

  1. Know what worked for them and their classmates
  2. Have direct insight into the school’s culture and what the admissions committee is searching for
  3. Are generally smart, thoughtful, and perceptive individuals eager to help the next round of students!

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LinkedIn Review

The admissions process is evolving. Now, your online presence matters to elite schools. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is a strength, not a weakness.

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Essay Review

A second set of eyes on your essays can help catch mistakes and provide guidance on how to improve your overall message.

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  • #1 Harvard 10.7%
  • #2 Stanford 6.0%
  • #3 Chicago 23.6%
  • #4 (tie) Kellogg 20.1%
  • #4 (tie) Wharton 19.6%

Acceptance Rates at the Top 5 Schools are Lower than Ever

Year by year, the top MBA programs are becoming more selective. This is partially due to the general thought that only a top 20 MBA program is worth the investment of time and money (a belief that might not be entirely true, but that’s a debate for another day).

This increase in competition at the top is also causing an improvement in the quality of applications being submitted. Some sources believe that as much as 80% of international applicants and 50% of domestic applicants at top schools are hiring admissions consultants to help them in the process.

Conclusion: these top schools are selective. Extremely selective. If you want a chance, make sure your application is gold, not silver.

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